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Samuel JohnsonCBESamuel JohnsonCBE 

Visualforce page display

I have built a visual force page and using a chart.  I would like to have the chart display even is there is no values in all of the rows.  I had tried to ad a formula field thinking that may fix the issue but it didn't.  Any so if March is blank that it will still show the chart with Jan and Feb. and so on.  

      ['Jan', {!If(NOT(ISBLANK (Market_Share__c.January__c)), Market_Share__c.January__c,null)} ],
      ['Feb', {!If(NOT(ISBLANK (Market_Share__c.February__c)), Market_Share__c.February__c, null)} ],
      ['Mar', {!If(NOT(ISBLANK (Market_Share__c.March__c)), Market_Share__c.March__c ,null)}  ],
      ['Apr', {!If(NOT(ISBLANK (Market_Share__c.April__c)), Market_Share__c.April__c ,null)} ],
      ['May', {!If(NOT(ISBLANK (Market_Share__c.May__c)), Market_Share__c.May__c ,null)} ],
      ['Jun', {!If(NOT(ISBLANK (Market_Share__c.June__c)), Market_Share__c.June__c ,null)} ],
      ['Jul', {!If(NOT(ISBLANK (Market_Share__c.July__c)), Market_Share__c.July__c ,null)} ],
      ['Aug', {!If(NOT(ISBLANK (Market_Share__c.August__c)), Market_Share__c.August__c ,null)} ],
      ['Sep', {!If(NOT(ISBLANK (Market_Share__c.September__c)), Market_Share__c.September__c ,null)} ],
      ['Oct', {!If(NOT(ISBLANK (Market_Share__c.October__c)), Market_Share__c.October__c ,null)} ],
      ['Nov', {!If(NOT(ISBLANK (Market_Share__c.November__c)), Market_Share__c.November__c ,null)} ],
      ['Dec', {!If(NOT(ISBLANK (Market_Share__c.December__c)), Market_Share__c.December__c ,null)} ],