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Ankit Singh 6Ankit Singh 6 

Force.com integration

Our app currently supports users to login with their Salesforce.com accounts.

Now we are trying to integrate Force.com accounts in our app as well.
We use SOAP API for all the communication.

So for Force.com is the login procedure same? Do we use the same API endpoint as Salesforce.com or do we use some other endpoint.
I cannot find this in the docs.
Hi Ankit, Salesforce.com and Force.com accounts are the same thing (just different license types) and use the same mechanisms for authentication.  Can you be more specific about what you can't find in the docs?
Ankit Singh 6Ankit Singh 6
Hi JD,

Thanks for the quick reply.

We use the following endpoint to access data from Salesforce.com.

Is the same endpoint applicable for Force.com as well.

I tried using it but I was getting an invalid credentials error. The credentials are correct, I checked it on your webapp.

Yes the same endpoint is applicable.  Can you please post the details of the error?