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Margo Schwartz-NewtonMargo Schwartz-Newton 

Data Management: Importing Data challenge - buttons hidden in wizard mapping step

After selecting the csv file and getting the screen to map a few differently named fields, the buttons in the selection window are below the view and cannot be seen, so I can't enter the selections, thus not being able to finish the challenge.  I've experienced this when actually using the import wizard (versus for Trailhead), too.  It seems to happen randomly and corrects itself randomly.  Thoughts or suggestions?
Marilee Haney 6Marilee Haney 6
I am unsure if it would help, but check screen size settings and zoom.  Try holding down Ctrl and - at the same time?
Margo Schwartz-NewtonMargo Schwartz-Newton
Eureka! Thanks, Marilee!
Joan PowellJoan Powell
Thanks so much for this!