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Gheorghe Sima 11Gheorghe Sima 11 

Force.com integration with a website

I want to integrate Force.com with a website.I have my custom object Lead__c and I want to make my custom Web-to-Lead.
Ca anyone explain me step by step what I have to do?
Thank you!
Why are you using a custom object for leads rather than the standard object?  The steps for using the standard object can be found here:
And standard functionallity like this is a great reason for using standard objects rather than custom ones.

To do the same with a custom object, you would need to set up a Force.com Sites unauthenticated site and creeate a Visualforce page to provide the form for capturing custom object data.
Jay JanarthananJay Janarthanan
If you want to connect SF objects to your own web site you should look at the REST API for Integration provided by SF. Also if your programing languge is Java / .NET SF provids you with some nice utility classes. Another option is look at hosting your site on https://www.heroku.com/connect which provids easy connection.