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Scott BradyScott Brady 

HTML Email Templates Not Being Recognized by Salesforce Email Listener

Good afternoon,

I have a strange problem going on within my production environment of Salesforce.  Here's the issue, then I will explain what my testing has discovered.

One of our customers was complaining that any of the emails that are manually being sent from our system (Action: Send Email) and where we select an HTML Template (can be any HTML template), the customer is receiving a blank email.  Specifically, they are receiving the base template, without the changes that were made prior to sending the email.  In other words, our tech selects an email template, populates information as needed, and off it goes.  The customer has said that they receive the template, but without the additional informaiton that was added.

Now, in the Activity History related list, the data there shows that the email went out fine, and that all the information that was added to the template is there.  When I send a test email using a template to my own internal and external email addreses, I receive the template with the additional information just fine. What I have noticed, however, is that if I were to CC an email-listener enabled email address on the intial send of the email with the template, Salesforce will append the email to the related case based off the (REF IN:XXXXXX) tag.  But, even though I know the message that is sent out contains additional information other than the base template (I also CC a personal email address to confirm), the email that gets appended back in Salesforce only contains the base template, no additional information. 

This is strange.  Because I have already confirmed that the correct email is sent out, but for some reason the receipt of the email that salesforce receives only records the template, no custom info. 

Further, it only happens when I use an HTML template specifically.  All Custom or Text templates function without any issues. It's only the HTML items.

Some Extra Detail to help clarify confusing bits:

IF, I send an email like so:

To:  Scott@emailaddress.com
CC: Scott@salesforce.api..... (etc) - Salesforce Email Service
Body:  <template> Test Information

The email that I receive at scott@emailaddress.com contains all the information.
The email the salesforce recieives at Scott@salesforce.api....(etc) does not have "test information", but rather just the base template.

To:  Scott@emailaddress.com
CC: Scott@salesforce.api....(etc)
Body:  <template>

ONLY for HTML templates, any ideas?  Salesforce support told me that I would have to come here for an answer. Not sure why, since it seems to be on their end since everything else about the email functionality is working without issue.  I have checked the debug logs, there's no issues with the email that is sent out (confirmed via debug log and also that I receive the email as well).

Thanks for your help,