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SF1 one/one.app (iOS - Safari) users being taken "offline" or asked to re-login.

I have a situation where users are being bounced between the standard Salesforce interface, the one/one.app SF1 interface and a secondary mobile app (for barcode scanning).

The reason for this setup is that you can't link directly to a visualforce page in the SF1 interface and data needs to be passed back from the barcode scanner.

So the process is as follows.
1. From the SF1 interface (one.app) in Safari the user opens a Visualforce page (lets call it "MyPage").
2. The user clicks a link, which opens the external barcode scanner app.
3. The barcode scanner opens a link in Safari leading to a Visualforce page in the full Salesforce interface.
4. The user clicks a button in the page and the one/one.app is reloaded.

This all works fine most of the time, however (most often it seems when scanning more then one barcode, so repeating steps 2&3) sometimes the user sees a notice at the top of the SF1 interface saying "currently offline", when this happens if they click on anything that would cause new data to load, they are prompted to login again. However, this subsaquent login does not showup in the users login history.