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Gerry GregoireGerry Gregoire 

How do i pass flow values to customer object?

Hi there,

I need some help on passing values of a flow ive created into fields within a custom object.

A) I created a picklist with three values to choose from within FLOW
B)I've mapped the object fields with the FLOW fields.
C) When i run the flow and select a value from picklist, this value is not showing in the object record.

i am just using a text field in the object hoping the value selected from the picklist would show there but it doesnt.

Can anyone help me with where im going wrong?


William TranWilliam Tran
You have to save the record.

Make sure you have DATA:  "Record Create" or "Record Update" in your flow.

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Otherwise, if everything else is saved correctly then your mapping is likely wrong, please post information about your flow.