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Jakson MonteiroJakson Monteiro 

Implementing Object-Specific Actions with Visualforce Pages

The Visualforce page must be named 'ShowAssistantInfo'.
The Visualforce page must use the Contact standard controller.
The Visualforce page must use the respective Contact standard fields to display the assistant's name and phone number.
The Visualforce page must display the assistant's phone number using a 'tel:' hyperlink.
The object-specific action on the Contact object must be labeled 'Call Assistant'.
The 'Call Assistant' action must use the 'ShowAssistantInfo' Visualforce page.
The 'Call Assistant' action must be added to the 'Contact Layout' page layout.

I have created the visualforce page and the Action for the Contact Layout but still shows the error :

Challenge not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The 'Call Assistant' action wasn't added to the Contact page layout.
Jakson MonteiroJakson Monteiro
Got it solved. Added the Action to both the Salesforce1 Actions and Quick Actions