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Christine HarrisChristine Harris 

Creating Global Quick Actions Trailhead error

I am receiving the following error in the Creating Global Quick Actions Trailhead module challenge - "The global quick action was not created or it was not named 'New Detailed Account' "

Have read the previous posts and suggestions to fix, but my Global Actions are identical to the correct responses and the Publisher Layouts are displayed.  When I go into Chatter and Home on one of the Apps, I still do not see the New Detailed Account action listed in the feed though.  Is there some other setting I need to fix that will enable this to display BESIDES the Global Page Layout??
User-added imageUser-added image
User-added image
William TranWilliam Tran
In your action change the name from NewDetailedAccount  to New_Detailed_Account.

You must have initially labeled it NewDetailedAccount then later change it to New Detailed Account.

Hopefully this will pass the validation.

Christine HarrisChristine Harris
I changed it but it still gives the same error message.
Amit Chaudhary 8Amit Chaudhary 8
Hi Christine Harris,

According to task you need to do below
1) Create a new global quick action labeled 'New Detailed Account' to create an Account record.
User-added image
2) Add the Account Name, Type, Rating and Fax fields to the action layout.
User-added image
3) Add the new quick action to the global publisher layout.
User-added image
User-added image

4) Set the predefined value of the 'Type' field to 'Prospect'.
You can under "Predefined Field Values" or set the field type field as defualt Prospect on object

Please let us know if this will help u

Amit Chaudhary
Christine HarrisChristine Harris
Thanks for responding Amit however my screen shots provided are the same and I followed those instructions initially, so this does not resolve the error.
William TranWilliam Tran
Do you have multiple Dev accounts?  Can you confirm that Trailhead is validating the same org that you created this global action on ?

Christine HarrisChristine Harris
Great question!  I only have one and cannot figure out how to refresh or replace the DE
Christine HarrisChristine Harris
Here's the error message on the challenge.  From my initial screenshots above, I've done everything the challenge said.  The only thing I can think of left to try is to figure out if the challenge is checking the same developer edition I'm using?  Is that a possible cause of the error?
User-added image
Christine HarrisChristine Harris
This is what I have
User-added image
Sandeep BhanotSandeep Bhanot
Your screenshot looks correct Christine and so not sure why the challenge check isn't working. So you have a namespace configured in the Org by any chance? If not, would you mind sharing your DE login with me at so that I can take a look? Thanks much and apologies for the error!
John LaJohn La
I'm getting the same issue.  Everything matches the screenshots posted.  I tried deleting it and starting over and nothing... i guess this is just buggy
Sandeep BhanotSandeep Bhanot
Quick update. I was finally able to figure out Christine's issue. I'll detail the resolution here for everyone's benefit and for future trailblazers who might run into the same issue.
Christine's Org had a record type configured for the Account object. That record type was also the default for the Sys Admin profile. The 'New Detailed Account' global action was not associated with that record type, which meant that it was not available to the Sys Admin profile. The challenge check could therefore not find the action and hence the error. Associating the global action with the record type resolved the issue and the challenge could be completed. 
John - can you please check that you don't have any record types configured for the Account object? Thanks
John LaJohn La
@Sandeep:  Yes that was the issue on my end too.  Was using an older dev org that already had some modifications to it.  Thanks for the response!
Henry GodinezHenry Godinez

I'm facing the following issue: Challenge not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
You do not have the correct account fields in the 'New Detailed Account' publisher action layout.

I have all the 4 fields added, but the check keeps telling me I'm missing some.

On another forum discussion there was a reference that the issue was related to the Rating field being hidden, but I don't see that is my case. Although, I'm not entirely sure how to check that.
Henry GodinezHenry Godinez

Here is my Action layout...

User-added image

and my Action details...
User-added image

Gina SzafraniecGina Szafraniec
Sandeep - You fixed my issue too. Received my 500 points! My default account record type was Community but I had selected Organization as the record type.  Once I changed the the record type to match my default record type, it worked.
Steve CurranSteve Curran
I am having the same issue...
The global quick action was not created or it was not named 'New Detailed Account'

All appears correct, the account object has no default record type, the correct fields are in the correct order, and the quick action works.  But the challenge fails.
Any additional suggests would be most appreciated.
Jules LanceeJules Lancee

I have the same issue as Henry Godinez. 

Great that the solution to this problem is found, but I don't understand the solution. How do I change this?

"Associating the global action with the record type resolved the issue and the challenge could be completed."

or is it that the Rating field is hidden somehow? How do I proceed? My screens look exactly alike.

I'm also with the problem of meso Henry Godinez ... "Challenge not yet complete ... here's what's wrong: You do not have the correct account fields in the 'New Detailed Account' publisher action layout" ... Please help ... Thanks ...
Same issue.
Jonathan BoulterJonathan Boulter
Same issue, thank you Sandeep for pointing to the Record Types
Yunus KalamYunus Kalam
I have also same issue can any one has fixed the issue ? if Yes! then please give me suggestion too ... 
Pablo MuñozPablo Muñoz
I cant find how to associate the global action with the record type, any help? thank you
Jonathan BoulterJonathan Boulter
Pablo - From Setup > Build > Create > Global Actions > Global Actions, click Edit

If you've got a few Record Types you can check which one is assigned to the System Administrator profile from their profile page.
Edit Global Action
Raj MantenaRaj Mantena
Changing Record Type resolved the issue. Thank you!!
Scott BarlowScott Barlow
Under New Action, DO NOT select a "Standard Label Type". Then enter "New Detailed Account" in the Label and for the Name, enter "New_Detailed_Account".

The key here is to NOT select a Standard Label Type. That throws everything off.
Tiare SolTiare Sol
I, too, am getting the same error message: Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
You do not have the correct account fields in the 'New Detailed Account' publisher action layout. I've quadruple-checked everything, and there is not a single mistake. My configuration looks identical to what Henry Godinez posted. Has this been resolved yet?
Scott BarlowScott Barlow
Tiare - Would you post your pages like Henry did? Perhaps someone can spot the difference. With the guide I posted above, I was able to get the Challenge completed so my only thought is that there must be something different and you're not seeing it?
Mylène BouteyreMylène Bouteyre
Hi, same problem as Tiare Sol :(
User-added image
User-added image

I really don't understand the issue..
Mylène BouteyreMylène Bouteyre
Hi again, I have changed my language settings : french to english and it works now. I think there is an issue during the validation of the challenge.
Salesforce AnswersSalesforce Answers
These videos show the solution.

Salesforce Classic  ====>        

Lightning Experience ====>
Fortunato MadoniaFortunato Madonia
I have changed my language settings: from Italian to english and it works now. There is an issue during the validation of the challenge.
Gabriel QuintGabriel Quint
Hey guys, 

Is your org language set as english? Please do a test. I changed from Portuguese to English and worked like a charm. 

Please let me know if worked. 

Wendy Peterson 8Wendy Peterson 8
Hi .. please edit the module to include a note to have people check if they've added an Account record type and, if so, to set the Quick Action to match the default record type of the person working on the challenge. It has taken me close to an hour late at night to resolve this error message for one of my colleagues who needs to complete this badge tonight.  Thanks. 
Eliézer Mezavila CaixetaEliézer Mezavila Caixeta
Who have another language than English, please, set English as default.
badrul Hassanbadrul Hassan
Hey guys,
I am facing this issue. Can anyone knows,how to solve this problem ?

A predefined value is not defined for the 'Type' field or the 'Type' field was not added to the compact layout
I had the same issue - although on a previous module I had change my DE "Accounts" tab name to "Customers". I resolved it by reverting that back to the original "Accounts".
I guess Trailhead must not have recognised it as Accounts.
Leopoldo Ortega 18Leopoldo Ortega 18
Hi, for resolved this issue, only you have change the language to english.

badrul Hassan- Go to your 'New Detailed Account' action page and check the related list under it called 'Pre-defined field Values'

Add 'Type' field and select 'Prospect' from the picklist

Then add your quick action to the Global Layout.

This should resolve your issue.
Angela Chan 4Angela Chan 4
Hi, I cannot conclude my module. The last step in this module is to Set the predefined value of Stage Field to Qualification - which I have done. Here is a screenshot of the error and in my org, where I have done it. 

User-added imageUser-added image
Parris GordonParris Gordon
I am also getting the same issue that everyone above is. I attempted to complete the Hands-On challenge for "Create Global Quick Actions" following the tutorial steps in the lesson, however, I am still receiving the error that I have not completed the challenge. I believe it's because the Quick Action toolbar is not displaying at the mobile breakpoint. Has anybody been able to solve this issue?
Parris GordonParris Gordon
Scratch my above comment. Changing the Record Type as noted above by Jonathon Boulter resolved this issue for me. 
kirby collette 1kirby collette 1
I am not sure if I am in the corect forum. I am rying to create global quick action. the challenge is saying that I am not User-added image

However if I am in the layout I have clearly added Stage to the layout and Stage Looks like this 

User-added image

I can not figure out what I am doing wrong here 
Creating the activitiy within the session was no problem 

Satria Akbar NugrohoSatria Akbar Nugroho
Everyone, try to change trailhead playground is it still didnot appear ?
Jeff FeroceJeff Feroce
The Playground Challenge for 'Create Global Quick Actions' is asking to Set the predefined value of the Stage field to Qualification.  However, 'Qualification' does not appear on the drop-down list of choices (I've scrolled all the way down to the bottom of the list, btw).

Do I have to add 'Qualifcation' as a Custom Field to fix this?
User-added image
@Jeff Select Stage field from the list and set it’s value to Qualification 
Jeff FeroceJeff Feroce

@Kiranmayee R:  Thank you very much; That did the trick!  :-)
Clemence RovelonClemence Rovelon

Hi, I've tried all the tricks you've mentionned above but I still have the "The 'Opportunity Name', 'Close Date', 'Stage' and 'Amount' fields do not appear to be on the new action page layout." error message. 

I can't change the record type because when I try the only type of record available is the Master one. 

Can someone could help me? My brain is about to explose soon haha

Debaranjan GhoshDebaranjan Ghosh
I  also faced this situation and what I did was 
1> I removed the reference of the Global Action from Publisher Layout
2> Deleted the Publisher Layout
3> Deleted the Global Action
4> Recreated the Global Action 
5> Recreated the Global Layout and Referenced the same in the Newly created Publisher Layout( ie Global Layout)
After doing this I was able to complete the module But what I was not able to do was 
Test the Global Action in the Salesforce App
When I click on the More on my mobile it does not show the new Global Option I created Under Chatter ( Please refer to the below screen shot)
Can any body help me on this?

Global Actions
       Global Actions
       Publisher Layouts

User-added image
Anvitha BAnvitha B
To Clear this challenge
1. in the set up we should type action then select global action
2. then create global action type create a record
3. mention the label and name
4. then go to pagelayout option and click u can see all the fields there and click save
5. then edit the predefined value stage field to qualification save it..and your challenge works