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Brenda Frambes 1Brenda Frambes 1 

create opportuntiy product line in process builder

I am new to the process builder and want to create a process to evaluate a newly created opportunity.  Then based on the opportunity create date criteria, create an opportunity product line record.  I have debuged and tested the criteria part and it evalutes to true so I have that part right, just can't seem to get it to create the opportunity product line.  Here is a screen shot below of the create a record portion.  I can copy the debug log if that will help.  Any help will be appreciated!!!  This is my first time using the process builder so I could be way off base.  Thank you.
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Hitendar Singh 9Hitendar Singh 9

1. Please make sure that you populate all the fields which are required (Mentioned in the below link)
2. The id you entered for 'Price book entry' (01tG000000LdFg1..) is not price book entry id.(its product id). The price book entry id starts with 01u. You can query the pricebookentry using below query.
select id from pricebookentry

Hope this helps.
Brenda Frambes 1Brenda Frambes 1
Yes that does!  Thank you.  I kept looking at the PriceBookEntryID and wondering why I was thinking ProductID.  Still doesn't work but I'll look through the link you attached to see what else I'm missing.  
Hitendar Singh 9Hitendar Singh 9
As i see sales price is missing..
Brenda Frambes 1Brenda Frambes 1
Why would I have to enter the price if the price is on the item in the pricebookentry? Thank you.
Brenda Frambes 1Brenda Frambes 1
Products were not active!!  That would help.  
Patrick CovingtonPatrick Covington
Hi Brenda, were you able to find a resolution to this? I'm looking to do something similar. (I realize this was posted 2 years ago). Thank you!