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Eclipse Apex Debugging Tool 2

follow up to https://developer.salesforce.com/forums/?id=906F0000000BR44IAG

I've downloaded the Apex Debugging Tool for Eclipse (Kepler) IDE, and am unable to debug our org. Instead, I get the message:

I'm getting the following error:
"Encountered an error executing Apex Remote Debugger command
Either you or your organization don't have the permission to debug Apex."

I am not sure if debugging is a paid service, and if so, what exactly to check to see if my company should be getting this service.
Vladimir GVladimir G

Yes, interactive debugging is a paid service and it also have some limitations (credits to Jitendra Zaa and his blog post (http://www.jitendrazaa.com/blog/salesforce/advance-apex-debugging-in-salesforce-and-best-practices-videos/)):
  • Only one debugging session per Org
  • Only Sandboxes are supported
  • Only used in Apex code and Triggers
  • Managed code / Variable information not available
  • Not supported in Developer Console
  • Currently only Eclipse supports
You can watch this 2 videos to get more infor about interactive debugging:
  1. Interactive Apex debugging (https://youtu.be/q7jou6v67BM)
  2. A Deep Dive into Debugging Applications on the Salesforce1 Platform (https://youtu.be/dkoDzOtgQSc)
Hope this helps.