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Frank VerrillFrank Verrill 

Quick Start: Lightning App Builder - Add Quick Actions and Activate the App Does not validate.

The following challenge does not validate:

Quick Start: Lightning App Builder - Add Quick Actions and Activate the App
Error: One or more of the quick actions were not added to 'Field Sales App' 
If you have already make sure that app is activated with all of the required quick actions and still you are facing same issue, I would suggest you to try this challenge in another dev org and map it with your trailhead profile and then verify. 
I have the same issue and I ended up changing to different dev org as suggested. Do you have name spaces in your dev org that is having trouble?
Tyler YoungbloodTyler Youngblood
I'm having the same issue (unable to verify the step). I have created a namespace prefix during a previous tutorial (https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.lightning.meta/lightning/qs_aotp_prereq.htm?search_text=namespace). Any ideas on how to fix this?
Tyler YoungbloodTyler Youngblood
I guess I mean any ideas besides changing to a different dev org?
Jason MabeJason Mabe
If you have installed NPSP in your dev org it has its own version of "Log a Call" as well as the standard action.  I got this error at first because I'd installed NPSP while working thru the Nonprofit trail.  This trail is looking for SF's standard stock "Log a Call" action but I had moved NPSP's Log a Call action to the Selected column.  (It's impossible to tell the difference, they're both named Log a Call)  But when I went back and saw there was a second version of Log a Call still in the Available column, I switched the two and saved the change, then I could complete the challenge.
Juha LassilaJuha Lassila
I had the same problem. After unsuccessful validation I found this thread and Jason's solution. 

In my case I had two identical "New Lead" items to choose from. After unsuccessful validation I switched the two. And after that I was able to complete the challenge.