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customized data loader


I am looking for tool, probably one which is similar to data loader do achieve below use case.

> I want to export or save rows of few tables from  salesforce
> I the data should be save once in every week for example every sunday at midnight
> As the size of data will be around 1GB each time
> I want to save only lasterst 5 or 10 csv file.

Also when the data loader is uesd, where is the data stored.
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You should be able to do all of that using Dataloader that is run from the command line.  Look up "Dataloader Command Line" in the Salesforce documentation.   You can use a task scheduler to run the dataloader job once a week.  It would have to be Windows Task Scheduler since the dataloader command line is only supported on Windows.  As for saving only the latest 5 or 10, use a .bat file to clean up old files. 

The data is stored where you tell dataloader to store it.  Read the docs on using dataloader from the command line and it is explained pretty well in there.