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Mohsin Raza 2Mohsin Raza 2 

OpenCTI on the new lightning experience

Apparently OpenCTI not supported on the new lightning experience. Is there any timeframe for when this will be available? I can only assume that other CTI vendors and customers are asking the same question as well.
ShashankShashank (Salesforce Developers) 
As of now, there are no timelines announced, however, CTI is an important feature and will be a part of the new lightning experience eventually.
Balakrishna N 25Balakrishna N 25
Hi Shashank

As of now  CTI is not supporting for Salesforce lighitng. My my current org. there is CTI integration with Classic. While swithing to lighting it is not working we did some .

->Created action button the call Visual force force CLICK2CALL in this Incomming call are comming
-->But we not find any solution for outbond calls.

is the any way to create own CTI that support for lighting for CTI funcations.. I am very thankful for your valueble information

RamakrishnaReddy AnugulaRamakrishnaReddy Anugula
Is there an way to have similar access to Open CTI in Salesforce Lightning, like having adapter along with the customlink to show up softphone on home screen?