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Brian Brower 6Brian Brower 6 

Home Page Customizsation - Lightning Experience

In the session last night, there was a live demo of customizing the hoem page components.  But in TrailHead there's this disclaimer...  "You can’t customize the layout of the Home page, add custom components, or move related lists.", with no follow up about when it will be available like I've seen for other disclaimers.

So what's the real story with customizing the home page?
William TranWilliam Tran
The story: is the glass half full or half empty?

In the session last night, there was a live demo of customizing the hoem page components. --> yes you can customize home page components

"You can’t customize the layout of the Home page, add custom components, or move related lists." --> Not sure where you got this or in what context, but it is somewhat accurate, the layout is very rigid and can't be customized to anything you want. BUT you can definitely change it by add/removing components, ordering what components is on top/bottom, whether the component is on the side or on the page.

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Gabriele Di BernardoGabriele Di Bernardo
Hello William,

I don't find a way to customize the home page components, in particular I'm interested in removing the "opportunity chart" since my organization is not using oppotunities at all! Do you have any link that can help me?
Christian Clifford MakaloChristian Clifford Makalo

I too have the need to customize the home page in Lightning experience. None of our sales reps need to see or have any interest of reading latest news from Reuters... 

Please point us in the right directions so we can start to add components that are relevant for our businesses.

Did we ever find out when can we can customize the Home Page Layout in Lightning User Experience? and if so where's the documentation for it?

I've been seeing this documents stating it can't be customized:

As a SFDC Platform, the home page should not be catered to just Sales and it needs to be available based on the User. I understand that SFDC was original intent for Sales but it has evolved over 15+ years and therefore HOME PAGE should be customizable.
Bruno LubeBruno Lube
So  long, it appears to be impossible. But, cant´t you create your own components, put it on a visualforce page, associate the VF page to a VisualForce Tab and, within app setup, set it up as you standart home page for the app?
Bruno LubeBruno Lube
*set it up as youR standart home page for the app?
Jesus Mejia 7Jesus Mejia 7
So is it really not possible to customize the Home page in LE to suit different users? Most importantly, not all users have the need for the performance chart and it takes a whole lot of real estate in the layout. I am sure there must be a way to edit the layout in somehow. Yes? No? Thanks.
Ryan Bobadilla 10Ryan Bobadilla 10
Read this tidbit:

"You can’t use the enhanced page layout editor to customize the layout of Lightning Experience record home pages. All users see the same record layout in Lightning Experience, regardless of profile or record type."

I could've sworn though that I've seen the home page customized during a deploy demo, BUT could've just been that they spend so much time focused on the Kanban view and Reporting & Dashboards new customizations that it's so "shiny object" syndrome that you forget what to ask... HA!
Paresh Joshi 16Paresh Joshi 16
You need to build a new app builder page by going to setup/lightning app builder

Select home page (lightning experience home page).
Desing your page (there are 3 different layouts and different components you can choose)
Go to setup/apps/home/Default home page - select the new home you just designed.

Here's the Update from Rajan Patel, the Product Manager of Home Experience.

Hi all, I am Raj and the product manager for the Home experience.  Thank you for the feedback. 

By Summer 2016 release, you will be able to Customize the Home page by Profile. #safe harbor Our teams are busy working on this functionality currently. 

Here's the idea that you can upvote! (" target="_blank)

Niraj Kumar 33Niraj Kumar 33
When I am trying to created new lighning page of type Home page I dont this option, I get only two option app page and record page but this article says that I should have three types, does nayone knoe about it?
Paresh Joshi 16Paresh Joshi 16
@niraj kumar 33
Is your Org on summer '16 release yet?
This is a new feature on the summer '16 release.
Michael ShirrellMichael Shirrell
I'm having the same issue.  I'm not given an option to create a Lightning Page with a type of "Home Page".  My dev org claims to be on the Summer '16 release.
Tracy Frost 23Tracy Frost 23
Robert Green 11Robert Green 11
Not sure if this is much help but I was able to configure the homepage components by:
  1. Being on the home page
  2. Clicking on the 'cog' (setup) icon
  3. Clicking 'Edit Page' (bottom option from the list)
Hope this helps.
James Gordon 10James Gordon 10
Robert for the win!  (Robert's answer works for me)
Munira MajmundarMunira Majmundar
I clicked on Home Page and the Cog.  But, did not find Edit Page option.  Could it be because I am in a Dev Environment?
Michael Bower 9Michael Bower 9
How can one add Custom Lightning Home and Navigation to a Managed Package?
Aneske MeiringAneske Meiring
You can navigate to the Lightning App Builder (Setup) and create a new home page. This Home page can be assigned per profile, which is very nice. You can provide your service team with a seperate home page from the sales team. 

From this edit/new home page you will be able to drag and add custom components :-)
Rod GilbodyRod Gilbody
Customising the Home page worked for me...  

HOWEVER  when a user clicks on the home tab it takes them back to the uncustomised page. 

When they first login they get the customised home page so it is not a profile isssue. 

When logging in it goes to this URL. If they go through and select the App they get the customised page.

But when they click the home button it goes to URL and displays the uncustomised page.

Has anyone come across this and have a suggestion for me. 
Brian M..Brian M..
Hello Rod,
 I have experienced the same thing as you and cannot figure out what is missing. I suspect a bug on Salesforce's side. Did you figure out a reason why this was happening? I don't see any other reports of it. What node are you on?
Brian M.
Rod GilbodyRod Gilbody
Hi Brian

It appears that i may have had a corrupted home page as there was multiple copies of the same home page that I was editing.

I ended up deleting all the home pages and reseting back to the default home page and then staring the customisation again.

This resolved my issue.
Pete BennettPete Bennett
Need to make sure the profile has the "Customize Application" permission before you can see the Edit Page option. Then be sure that profile is not overwritten by Org Wide Default layout.

I am not able to see "top deals"  in Lightning componenets 

What to do?
Russell Everett 9Russell Everett 9
You simply need to go to the Lightning App Builder under setup - then select the home page and there you will be able to add/remove/edit components without a problem!