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Patrick CrosbiePatrick Crosbie 

Webservices for connecting telephone platform

Hi guys,

I'm not a developer, so please bare with me on this. We have build a Salesforce system for a client, and they are connecting their Telephone system to the CRM. They are not going down the route of using CTI or an application from the AppExchange. 

The requirement is simple and limited in scope - When a call comes through the contact record should open on the SF users screen, if the phone number is stored in the Contacts Salesforce record. Thats it, nothing more advanced than that.

The guys from the telephony side have sent us some requirements asking for URL's or web services to enable this. I'd appreciate your help with being able to answer this. Here is the requirement;

Webservice URL

Thanks in advance for your help, and please ask if I've left out any relevent information.

Luciano StragaLuciano Straga
Hi Patrick, it is definitely a developer stuff. Basically you have to create a  REST webservice in Salesforce, written in Apex, that will be consumed by some external service. It is not so difficult, but demands some effort on the external application that will try to consume this service. Appart from consuming it, it has to log in Salesforce first, which is quite demanding. 

More information here: