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Peter BaezaPeter Baeza 

Lightning Experience Development Trailhead - Challenge error

I'm not a native english speaker but the wording on the challenge for ISVs, Packaging and AppExchange seem wrong to me. None of the features are available in the Lightning Experience and the None of the above answer is rated as correct. However the question has a NOT in it so the answer then becomes: None of the above are not available.... See attached screenshotUser-added image
Sakthivel ThandavarayanSakthivel Thandavarayan
Yes, It should be - All of the above.
Sandeep BhanotSandeep Bhanot
Hi all,
I agree that that this question is poorly worded and 'None of the above' is a little ambigous. We'll update the text to be clearer and more unambigousus. For the record, in this case, 'None of the above' is meant as 'None of the above ISV features are available in Lightning Experience'. Thanks
Sakthivel ThandavarayanSakthivel Thandavarayan
Ofcourse, either NOT should be removed in the question or answer should modified to match, Thanks. 
Vaughan CoderVaughan Coder
User-added image
Is the environment hub not actually available in both lightning experience and salesforce classic?
Josh KukovecJosh Kukovec
I agree with Vaughan Coder. I got this answer wrong because the question asks which one is included in Lightning Experience. According to the data, Environment Hub is included. But if you choose that answer, you get it wrong. I double-checked, assumed I chose something wrong and tried again. Failure. Until you choose "None of the above", which works but doesn't make sense.
Now I'm down 75 points, if those ever end up counting for anything.
Jason Post 2Jason Post 2
+1 to the confusion of whether or not Environment Hub is available in Lightning? The table says it is, but the answers say it isnt?

environment hub in Lightning
Dustin Hansen 8Dustin Hansen 8
So both the question and the answers have since changed, so the double-negative is fixed and the wording is clear. But where I'm confused is why "None of the above are available" is the correct answer, when one of the answers is Package creation:

User-added image

It sounds like packages are supported - or am I misunderstanding what this means? :

User-added image

The Real Scott MorrisonThe Real Scott Morrison
Yep just ran into this one, the answer should be Packaging