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Adam Cimino 3Adam Cimino 3 

public rest service

I have a requirement to create a publicly accessible web service.
This is what I did
1)      Set up a Site on my org called publicWebService
2)      I create a class to handle a post http request
3)      I grated access to this class  in the sites profile
I set it up in my sandbox first and it works perfectly
Access as follows
When i moved my implementation into my production org. I did the same thing.
Site = https://production.force.com/publicWebService/
But i can’t access it like i did in my sandbox
https:// production.force.com/publicWebService/services/apexrest/logcall/v1?parm1=blabla&parm2=haha
Am I missing something or have to do something differently
Much appreciated
Hi Adam,

What error you received? And just make sure that you have followed all the sames steps, like giving access to the service on Public Sites.
Also, you are using the correct site URL.