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Only 50 points! I had all right - app removed a selection after submit...

I am going through the rigorous process to do trailhead on my personal account and not my work account. I've revieced 100% on everything on my old account... Going through
i got 50% and the app said I need to fill out one of the questions which was already filled and for some reason unchecked my answer leaving NO response for 1 question. 

I've been deducted 50 points which I think is terrible. Any chance on getting this rectified? I don't like knowing and submitting the 100% correct answers only to get less points.
William TranWilliam Tran
It's okay, in the grand scheme of things the goal is:

1) you learn from the exercise
2) there are over 40,000 points to gain so 50 points here and there shouldn't matter.
3) Last you can create a new DEV org account, if you want the extra 50 points, but again you need to redo whatever exercise you have already done.

As a common practice, if your question is answered, please choose 1 best answer. 
But you can give every answer a thumb up if that answer is helpful to you. 

RJ PalomboRJ Palombo
Hi William, first, thank you for respnding. Your advice is sound and certainly will help others. Unfortunately for me, it will not solve my issue.

On number 1, I hold an advanced develper certification. This is a beginner course. I've been developing on the platform for over 6 years. I didn't learn anything new from these beginier excersizes. I'm going through the motions and progressing through the course to fill in gaps for the transition exam to platform 1 and 2.

The real issue is, I feel like I found a bug in trailhead. I've not found a way to comunicate issues besides this forum. To me its principal. If I choose the right ansers and submit them I would expect full credit.

If I were to spin up another dev org the issue could just happen again. What would be ideal is if the there were a support link to send issues like this one to vs a public forum to be researched further.
William TranWilliam Tran


I don't disagree, but all in all, SF has bigger fish to fry such as all the known issues/ideas yet to be implemented.

Trailhead has many glitches but overall it is fairly good in allowing folks to learn Salesforce.


Sakthivel ThandavarayanSakthivel Thandavarayan
I don't think you can reproduce the error even if you try the same module again with another dev edition.

Still if you want to notify the team -

You may get the same response as William said.