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Ken sfdc1Ken sfdc1 

workflow formula for an email field update to send email alert

I create a formula field to get account email onto child custom object CCM email but to send an email alert this formula field is not available in the list of email alert so i created a new email field the i want one more workflow for this field update

formula is NOT(ISBLANK(CCM User)) but it is not firing as it is a formula field gets copied directly there is not insert or edit criteria met.

Can anyone help me how ti update this new email field from thia formula field?
Hi Ken,

In workflow field updates, you can update the field using the master object values, so you dnt need to create formula field, you can just populate value from the master object field in Field update.

If this not works, you can write trigger for it.

Let me know, if you need any other help.

rishav vats 4rishav vats 4

i need to update a email field with .abc by the help of workflow how can i do it 
rishav vats 4rishav vats 4
without the help of trigger