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Jay JanarthananJay Janarthanan 

Trying to hire a APEX developer, am I looking for a unicorn ?

Trying ot help a friend of mine, Here is the job description, may be he should edit it to make it more generic as it looks like he is looking for a unicorn  ?



Lead Force.Com Developer

About the Role

You will be the primary technology person in charge of leading a team of on site and off shore salesforce developers in developing a high transaction REST based APEX application. (This is not a Salesforce CRM project or a project management role, rather hands on APEX work utilizing platform)

Job Tasks

Tech lead for about 40 APEX developers based at various cities around the globe.
Teach APEX Programing to non SF developers and be a mentor to Jr developers
Develop coding standards and conduct code reviews
Select and manage software development tools for source code control, deployment, testing, bug tracking and change management.

Minimum Qualifications

Experience as a technical lead to a globally distributed development team
10+ years of Software engineering experience in Java or C#.
Excellent knowledge of APEX and APEX class libraries.
Ability to create APEX training material and train non SF developers.
Ability to conduct technical interviews of potential salesforce developer hires.
Experience with developing highly scalable REST API’s solutions in APEX
Good understanding of Salesforce Metadata and Tooling API.
Experience with SF security,  governor limits etc.

Preferred Qualification

Hands on experience with API Testing (Compliance, Performance, Load and Security)
Experience with large (25M+ records) datasets in salesforce.
Experience with tools to make SF development more productive (IDE’s, code generators, deployment)
Experience with parsing APEX and XML using Java or C#.
DEV401 or DEV501 certification is a plus   
Good relationship with the local salesforce developers and an ability to recruit 
For which location ??
Jay JanarthananJay Janarthanan
Anywhere in US
Anup JadhavAnup Jadhav
You might as well be looking for a unicorn. :-) Having said that very few people in the world will satisfy all of the requirements specified in your minimum requirements and are also able to complete the tasks listed in Job tasks. 

I would re-consider what is the most important task that your ideal candidate should do - lead a team of 40+ people or train people or create standards for your team.
I'd very much doubt a person leading a team of 40+ people will have time to train and write documentation. You might want to possibly split this role into 2 (or maybe 3) diffent roles with different task focus (tech lead, training etc).
@LaceySnr - Matt Lacey@LaceySnr - Matt Lacey

Seems to me like this is a bit of a crazy role... not sure it's even possible for one person to do all those tasks without some serious motivation (i.e. personal interest).

As for the qualifications I'd remove "10+ years of Software engineering experience in Java or C#." from the minimum qualifications. Unless the client side uses those technologies they're not really relevant, and I'd say 5+ years of professional software experience should be enough IF the person in question has the 501 cert.

That said, I can't see why 501 would be optional here, to me that's more important than any other criteria on the list aside from leadership experience. If I was to go for that role I'd fall short on two or three points even though I've been working on the platform, in various developer roles, for six years.


James LoghryJames Loghry
It's not a unicorn per se, but you're going to have to broading the candidate search.  I don't know of anyone personally that can handle Apex development and integrations on a daily basis in addition to leading a large team of on and off shore resources.  To give this answer some klout, I'm a very self sufficient architect and developer.  Our team lead(s) have their own full time jobs of drumming up work for the architects and developers, along with tending to clients, etc.  If my team wasn't self sufficient, we would absolutely fail, along with our team lead.  Add on the task of wrangling 40+ on and offshore resources, and you're asking for a work-life balance nightmare to boot.

From the job description, you're really referring to 3-4 or possibly more roles.  Sure you can call this a "LEAN" role, but you're not likely to find a enthusiastic candidate that  matches all you're criteria.  So in conclusion, yes, this job posting is searching for a "unicorn"
srlawr uksrlawr uk
I do hope this role is for a popular energy drinks brand, becase this candidate is going to need some serious caffine input to manage all those responsibilites. I agree with the previous answers that this does sound more like a role for 2 (or more) candidates, there is a big difference in the responsibilities to lead and organise a 40+ team, to effectivly train new developers, and to be "hands on with Apex developement" (incidentally, Apex is not all capitalised!).

It's not impossible that there is a candidate out there who might match these criteria, but whether they would want to split their abilities across so many work domains is unlikely, someone with those skills is most likely interested in focussing on one channel of personal/professional progression by that point in their career! They will also command a hefty compensation package, and as soon as you throw that into the mix you will get all sorts of chancers applying for the job.

I definitely agree with Matt Lacey that the 10+ year minimum requirement in OOP is perhaps a bit of a stretch, I've just hit 10 years myself (well, I will have 10 years commercial experience in 7 days! - 9/9/15) and whilst I would agree that I still get better and more experienced year on year, I would have thought that leaning on the certifications and/or a reasonable assertion of the candidates abilities (portfolio, presentations or if needs be in-house testing) would be far better. I know a LOT of developers and technical leads with way more than 10 years experience who I wouldn't let program a series link on my TiVo box. Years != Talent.

Finally, for the record (because if you want someone this good, they are going to know their sh*t!) the certifications are no longer referenced by DEV401 and DEV501 (technically they never were - those are the names of the associated training courses to assist the certification exams) they are called Platform Developer 1 and Platform Developer 2.

Good luck to your friend finding his 'Eleanor' :)
Jay JanarthananJay Janarthanan
Thanks every one for the feedback. I have passed this info upstream.

Andy BoettcherAndy Boettcher
What's wrong with searching for a unicorn?  If these duties are what you're looking for - try it out!  If you can't find a person, think of splitting it out across a number of roles.
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