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Girish Jashnani 6Girish Jashnani 6 

Short and sweet project

I need help in writing an email notification such that when someone's create a trial of my  AppExchange package, the notification should go to that user. This can be done by using the fields in the license management application of that is provided by Salesforce. You must be aware of the license management application to do this job.

I can write the workflow email notification, however I'm not able to find the fields that I should use in my email notification.

I'm looking for someone who is an expert at this and can do this in the  less than 15 to 20 minutes. If you can show me the proof that the only done it, I will assign the job to you right away.
Amit Kumar Singh 16Amit Kumar Singh 16
Dear Girsh,

LMA is License Management App which is installed in sales org. The LMA helps you manage the sales, licensing, and support of your application. As per my understanding when trial version of application is installed by user. Lead entry will be created in sales org and by defining workflow rule on Lead you can achieve this (Email Alert).

Hope it helps.

Please revert if any query.

Amit Singh