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Vetriselvan ManoharanVetriselvan Manoharan 

Unread Leads

Hi Guys,
I have a scenario

I would like the ability to mark leads as "read". There are instances where the sales team has acted on the lead but not via Salesforce. Is there a way I can simply go in and mark the lead as read instead of having to ask them to do so? I do not want the system to automatically change the status of leads that are not mine simply by opening them

Any ideas how shall we achieve this?

farouk fakunlefarouk fakunle
Hello, you could do this in a few ways, you could create a workflow/process that ask the lead owner to update the lead after a certain period of time. Or if you do not want to get into complex processes, you could add a validation field ( checkbox) that will allow you to mark the lead as read. I am assuming you have complete access to the user records.