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gary norrisgary norris 

Visual Workflow challenge is NOT working

I have looked over the forums, tried several different approaches that I have found and nothing is working. This is very frustrating as I've been stuck on this for 2 days now. I have attached the step by step process. I always get an unexpected fault error when I run this flow and complete the first form. Also you cannot see it but the name for the opportunity record is {Company Name} - {Last Name}. Please anyone, any help is much appreciated!!!

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Do you have namespaces defined in your organization? In most trailhead challenges, this is found to be the cause for challenges not being able to parse correctly. Pls check the same once and update here, if it helps.
Salma Khathun 14Salma Khathun 14
Hello Gary !

Give the 'Value' for 'Name' field in Opportunity creation as '{!Company_Name} - {!Last_Name}'. Save and try to run again.

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