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Visual workflow screen customization

I have a custom button that calls a flow, and functionally it is working well.  
(My flow is called "Onboard", I have a custom object called Onboard, and a lookup field on account page that points to the Custom Onboard object.  Basic functionality of my flow:  detect if an onboard record exists associated with this account;  If it exists, display a screen to user with existing values and allow user to update;  If Onboard does not exist, create new onboard record linked to account and give same display screen to capture user values.  final step:  values from user input screen update the onboard record)
Here is my custom button URL that passes variables into the flow: 

Functionally, I have it all working, data is updating as I expect it to. However, I seem to be limited in how I can customize the screen.  

Issue 1:  When I change my "window open properties" on my custom button, to set height and width, this seems to have no effect on the window that pops up with my flow.  Is this something hard coded from visual workflow, I can't control the size of my pop up screen?  

Issue 2:  Use of screen itself:  All the fields on my screen are in one column, on top of each other with no spacing between them, and would look nicer if I could use the full width of the screen... but I can't seem to figure out how to customize the screen layout at all.

Are these known limitations of visual workflow, and I need to look into embedding my flow into a visualforce page to get the customization I want?

thanks all
Jaap V.Jaap V.
I've ran into the same issue. My solution was embedding it in a otherwise empty visualforce page and set both width and height of the window open properties.
<apex:page standardController="Lead" sidebar="false" showHeader="false">
    <flow:interview name="YourFlow" finishLocation="{!Lead.Id}"/>