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Jean Paul AbdillaJean Paul Abdilla 

Does the Trailhead material cover the ADM-201 certification?

Is the material for administrators on Trailhead enough to pass the ADM-201 certification?
Keena FloodKeena Flood
Hi Jean -

Complete Admin Trail - Beginner, Admin Trail - Intermediate and review the Salesforce Fundamentals Guide to give yourself a solid foundation. 

SF Fundamentals: https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.fundamentals.meta/fundamentals/ (http://quizlet.com/35268499/flashcards)
jon Mitchel 3jon Mitchel 3
Hello Jean,

Recommend to check on some tutorial videos and review the beginners guide as well as the certification page so you'll have an overview.
Also, found this cool website (https://studysoup.com) a sweet site where students buy and sell study materials!