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Mahantesh KenganalMahantesh Kenganal 

How to overcome if i want to query more than 100

Hi ,

As per governer limit i can USe max 100 SOQL query per Apex transaction If i want to overcome of using more than 100 SOQL query per apex transaction , how to achieve this?

Chris Gary CloudPerformerChris Gary CloudPerformer
This is a pretty standard limitation that has been around for a really long time.  Usually, if you have a transaction that takes more than 100 SOQL Queries, the usual line of thought is that you are doing something wrong.  Please note, however, that this SOQL limit is per transaction, so the way to overcome this is to span multiple transactions.  This can be done by combining on-platform processes with off-platform processes that may perform queries via API, or perhaps through some type of batch job that runs in another context.