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Salesforce1 - Keep Getting Booted to Safari

We have an existing Visualforce page that is the home screen for Salesforce1 users.

When I log in this morning on my iPad 2, whenever the app loads, I get booted to Safari ("Introducing Salesforce1" knowledge base article). Anytime I try to reload Salesforce1, it keeps happening, so I can't even switch orgs now in the Salesforce1 app.


Getting the same, seems to only come up when one navigates to a VisualForce page on Salesforce1 in an Ipad

This started happening 2 days before DreamForce 2015

To get back into your app - just double click on the home button and you can select SF1 again - though this isn't really a workaround as it keeps on popping up every time you get to the VF page.

Seomeone HELP!

Just a note that I've reached out to SFDC support, and they've acknowledged they can reproduce this and investigating.
Known Issue: https://success.salesforce.com/issues_view?id=a1p30000000TL1DAAW