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Kate StarostinaKate Starostina 

Relationship between Account and Opportunity - looking for documentation

I understand that the Account owner can see all opportunities, whether they own the or not, associated with that account.  Is there Salesfoce documnetation on this?  I need to send it out to my people.  Thanks!
Ajay K DubediAjay K Dubedi
Hi Kate,
The relationship between Account, Contact and Opportunity:
 Account and Contact are having Lookup relationship.
 Account and opportunity also having Lookup relationship.
 Simply, Account is a parent to Contact and Opportunity. 
 If we delete Account record, that related contact and Opportunity records are deleted automatically from the database. 
 Here lookup relationship is treated as Master-Details relationship. 
 But here lookup relationship field is not mandatory field like master details relationship field. 
 you can refer  following link:-