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Vishnu Yadavalli 16Vishnu Yadavalli 16 

How to pull Reports and create list views on Big objects in salesforce(Data archival Pilot).


We are implementing Data archival pilot in our ORG. I was able to create big objects and was able to load data into those. 

Now how do I view this data? How can I create reports and list views for this object.

Thanks in advance.
I would also like to know this, or know if you ever figured out a solution... I was able to deploy my big object. However, I cannot figure out if it is possible to (a) create related list on page layouts of referenced objects and (b) report or create report types on big objects.

Are we completely limited to SOQL and custom visual force pages/components if we want to at all access or display big object data in our org?
Tom Brown 2Tom Brown 2
You can not pull BigObjects data in list views or reports. But apparently you can use Einstein Analytics (Wave).