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Dipti DDipti D 

EasyXDM iframing

Hi, A challenging question to all. EasyXDM
We have been using easyXDM - and iframing a custom button functionality on a standard Case Object. It was working fine for months. But, lately the automatic rerendering is not happening..It is behaving differently for every browser. It was rendering immediately when the CASE page is open. But now, (Not sure why suddenly, now it broke) Probably because of Winter 16 release? 
In Chrome & firefox, I have to click on the XDM button and it is working fine.
In IE 11, the following happens. See the error..User-added image

When I click 'retry' URL no longer exists. What could be the reason? And how can I fix this? 
Dipti DDipti D
Can someone help me on this? I can provide more info. Thanks!