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postman 3.0 walk through

so workbench is easy enough to hit your custom rest endpoints, but having some issues getting postman (3.0) to hit my endpoints. ive got it logging in and returning an access token, then store it in a collection. im copying the access token and adding it as a param named authorization as OAuth [access token], but im getting errorcode: url not reset, Destination URL not reset. The URL returned from login must be set.

any one get this on postman, got any advice on how to get this going?
so i see i need to use the url specified from the login call. i changed my call from test.salesforce.com to cs41.salesforce.com, and now receive Invalid Session Id, which i thought the Authorization : OAuth [access token] was supposed to represent.

thrashing away here...
So i moved the authorization and content-type from Params to Headers
And now I'm in

If i had a blog I'd probably post about it...