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Brandon Cassis 2Brandon Cassis 2 

API Access to Trailhead Data

I wanted to figure out if there is or if there is any plan to open challenges data via an api so that we can reward employees for completing trialhead data.
SonamSonam (Salesforce Developers) 
That's a great use case, let me check this internally and I will update you as soon as I hear back.
Steve DykmanSteve Dykman
Any update on if this is available?
Brian Oconnell 23Brian Oconnell 23
We would also be interested in this functionality.
Lee Kraus MtnPtLee Kraus MtnPt
We would be interested in this idea.  Thank you.
Michael RuckerMichael Rucker
My site gets some of the data, but not thru an API. It just looks at publically available data.
Brian Oconnell 23Brian Oconnell 23
Michael that looks cool.  How did you do it?
I would think that what the current Leaderboards are doing is parsing the HTML returned when opening up a Profile page with a specific ID, since they require one to actively input the ID for parsing.
It would be nice to have a sort of either Official Leaderboard or a simple "Ranking" API webservice to query and filter on the badge acquisitions to build our own :). . 
Michael RuckerMichael Rucker

That is exactly how mine works. I parse the html returned for all the values on the list. It's a little tedious, but it is now fully automated and i now have 90% code coverage!

un-Official Trailhead Leaderboard Code Coverage

Some of the returned HTML is a little weird. I've seen hidden sections that still show in Progress for superbadges when the person in fact has the superbadge. That one thru me off.

As I've mentioned in other posts, I did this mainly for my own edification to understand more about Apex, Visualforce and test units. I suspect an "Official" Leaderboard tool may come out in time.

Brian NewboldBrian Newbold
Hi Michael.. Looks neat! Can you provide the source to your project? 
Michael RuckerMichael Rucker
I'm hoping to put together something soon. Others have asked also. I'd like to put something on the Appexchange, but I haven't figured all of that out yet.
John Moura FerreiraJohn Moura Ferreira
I am really looking forward to having the data available through API. Does Salesforce have anything available (documentation)?
Ajay Singh 103Ajay Singh 103
We have develop this project into salesforce org. and its working fine.
and working on that .... #VirtuoWhiz
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Came here with the same question but didn't see any link, so just updating. 

@dixit: Have you tried to get some Data within some calls ? what about Authorisation ?
Trailhead LeaderBoardTrailhead LeaderBoard
You can try :
Introducing Trailhead Force Leader Board API

User-added image

You will have a response like this:
    "Twitter": null,
    "Trailhead_URL": null,
    "TrailblazerID": null,
    "Title": null,
    "Rank": null,
    "Profile_Image": null,
    "Points": null,
    "Name": null,
    "Linkedin": null,
    "Facebook": null,
    "Certifications": 0,
    "Certification_URL": null,
    "Badges": null

I hope it can help a little.
Thiago Barbosa 10Thiago Barbosa 10
Hi, Is there some Trailhead API?
Chris McKee 12Chris McKee 12
We Salesforce Ghosted this post. I would love some APIs so I can integrate our Employees with Salesforce knowledge to in our current Train Documentation Application.