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enhanced list view doesnt load

I have a custom object that is very similar to the account object.  I have mulitple related objects on this object and i am starting to create a visualforce page to display this information on different tabs.  On the second tab i want to display the related service_call_log__C but i want to filter the information to only show one with the status that equals open.   I am not sure if this is the best way but i was trying to use the enhance list but it never load any data, just keeps saying loading.  I am looking for some help to determine is this the best way.  If not can you direct me to a better solution and if so why does it never load

here is what i have so far

<apex:page standardController="Jobs__c" >
    <apex:tabPanel switchType="Client">
<apex:tab Label="Detailed View">
    <APEX:detail relatedList="False" />         

            <apex:tab label="Open Service Call Logs" name="Open Service Call Logs">
      <apex:enhancedList type="Service_Call_Log__c" height="730" rowsPerPage="25" customizable="false" listid="00B1300000A4hwB" />


Hi Thomasm,

I tried to use your code and copy in my demo org. Its working fine for me. Can you share your salesforce org login credentials so that I can have a look. You can contact me either on my gmail id: neetu.bansal.5@gmail.com of Skype id: neetu.bansal.5