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sreekanth reddysreekanth reddy 

How To Write Test Class For Below Trigger

Hi All,
How To Write Test Class For Below Trigger.
trigger create_zapping_rec_Empaccount on Account(before insert)
 list<Zapping_Directory__c> zappinglist = new list<Zapping_Directory__c>();
  Zapping_Directory__c zap = new Zapping_Directory__c(Name=c.Company_Name__c,Company_Type__c=c.Company_Type__c,Main_Industry__c=c.Industrys__c
  insert zappinglist;
Peter Friberg 26Peter Friberg 26
Hi Srikanth

I would create a test class that:
  • creates a list of accounts with different record types having name, type and industry set
  • insert those accounts
  • read all zapping_directory records using a select statement
  • check all zapping_directory records have a corresponding account with correct recordtype, name, type and industry using System.assertEquals()
  • check that accounts not having recordtype '6666464564' does not have corresponding zapping_directory
Hi Sreekanth,

Try with below code it will help!!
private class Testcreate_zapping_rec_Empaccount{
   private static testMethod void unitTest(){
     Id recId = Schema.SObjectType.Account.getRecordTypeInfosByName().get('NameOfRecType').getRecordTypeId();
      Account acc=new Account();
	  Insert acc;

Replace your recordtype name and also don't hard code recordtype id .
You can use below code for recordtype Id dynamically .
Id recId = Schema.SObjectType.Account.getRecordTypeInfosByName().get('NameOfRecType').getRecordTypeId();
Check below link for more detail it wil help !!