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Nadheera UdawattheNadheera Udawatthe 

Remove "on behalf of user@mydomain.com" from Salesforce Emails

Hi, is there any custom coding that can remove "on behalf of user@yourdomain.com" from the Salesforce alerts and reports email headers? Our email gateway blocks all emails that says mydomain.com generated from other domains. Salesforce admin settings cannot change this and couldnt find a feasible solution.  
David ZhuDavid Zhu
This will work for you.

Goto Setup | Email Administration | Deliverability, 
Find Email Security Compliance section, Unselect Enable Sender ID compliance 
Then save it.
Joris VerschoorJoris Verschoor
You can use salesforcesmtp.com and use your own (or other third party) mail server. There's also an option to rewrite sender addresses if the domain is not yours (for example with partner users)
I'm having the same issue. I want to get rid of the 'on bahlaf of' but keep that it says 'from noreply@xxx.com'
If you dsibale the Sender ID compliance, your emails will come direclty from the person that triggered the email which we do not want. So is there a way to do this??