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SFDC developer999SFDC developer999 

How to use today() Date function in report filter

Dear All,
  I need to add a fillter on the date field, it must be less than or equals to today, that means the today date must be when the report is run.
In the calendar, I select Today, but that date is static, and would be yesterday when I run it tomorrow.
So it is not good using the Today in the calendar. PLease advice. Thanks a  lot
Sumit Kumar Singh 9Sumit Kumar Singh 9

Just write 'TODAY', it will flter today's record. Like this -
User-added image

Pls, let me know, if it helps you.

Sumit Kumar Singh
SFDC developer999SFDC developer999
thanks so much Sumit
geoffrey bauer 1geoffrey bauer 1
Hello, I am trying to write a custom formula that returns number of days left on a contract. Using today() , as a starting point, but cant get the rest. In my LIGHTNING EXPERIENCE, I am also unable to see the advanced formula editor for DE. Any ideas/feedback would greatly appreciated!
Brianne Beatty 19Brianne Beatty 19
Awesome .. How do I use TODAY - 9 as the filter instead?
> TODAY - 9
Scott Freed 3Scott Freed 3
You can use LAST 9 DAYS. You can substitute 9 in with any number greater than 0.
David GranadosDavid Granados
I am trying to run a report that would give me the number of cases that are closed on the same day. Currently in my filter window I have Date/Time Opened equals TODAY, I also have Date/Time Closed equals TODAY. This didn't seem to work because when I changed the date to yesterday and other days prior the result was was zero but I know that's not true. Help please :)
David GranadosDavid Granados
Correction: I am trying to run a report that would give me the number of cases that are opened AND closed on the same day