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Mahatma VijayMahatma Vijay 

Data Loader automation help needed!


I have a requirement to create a report of all 30k contact records in the org and saving it on a common folder shared in the company and it should get updated once every week. So basically I tried a few things.
1) Reports cannot hold more than 2000 rows and didn't work.
2) Scheduled a Bulk Apex job and able to generate a report with all the records. But it cannot be save in the destination folder as required so it didn't work.
3) Used Command Line Data Loader Process and created key.txt, contactExtractMap.sdl, process-conf.sml files and able to generate a report and save it on the destination folder as required. It is also able to update the record instead of creating a new record everytime when I run Command line manually.

So my requirement here is, can I automate this report generation instead of doing it manually everytime using command line? Like can I link a schedule job to this command line operation or anything like that?

Any ideas?