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Meenu sharma 10Meenu sharma 10 

Can we use external storage(Network drive) to store files and attachments from SFDC

Can we store files and attachments in external storage from SFDC. We are storing our file on NAS(net wotk storge). SInce size of files is very big , so we store file on NAS and keep the storage link in sfdc.Please let me know how can we achieve this.

Amit Chaudhary 8Amit Chaudhary 8
Hi Meenu,

Some app exchange product are available for same
1) External File Management
Unlimited storage, Attachment,Content and Document management, Aloha app

2) External Attachments

Let us know if this will help you

Meenu sharma 10Meenu sharma 10
Hi Amit,
Business is not willing to go for app. We need to implement it in salesforce. Let me know if any help isavailable.
Hi Meenu,

Yes. It's possible.
You might want to have a look below link:

Meenu sharma 10Meenu sharma 10
Hi Myatmyat,

This  is not what we are looking for. WE need to store files from SFDC to external storage. then we need to maintain that file link in SFDC.
We are storing files in our Network  Storage Drive(NAS).
soujanya rachakonda 15soujanya rachakonda 15
Hi Meenu,
I have same requirement like this. i  also need to integrate with NAS.have you completed NAS integration. if you completed please help me on this
Tom EllisTom Ellis

We would like this for our organisation too.

There are some options but it is a little complex...
Easiest method is to use an App from the Appexchange. XfilesPro ( looks like it does exactly what you and many people on a couple of other threads similar to this one have asked for. There are other apps available that may be suitable too - FTP Attachments ( but the XfilesPro looked exactly the right solution.

Alternatively, you can try and fashion your own solution using a formula field to construct the file link. See Trailblazers page (I want to create a link to stored documents on a network drive for an opportunit ( but depending on the web browser you use and the security settings, you may/may not be able to open links to files on a network unless they are set as secure and to do this you may need to use a browser extension or add-on (e.g Google Chrome Extension: Enable Local File Links (

To construct the formula field to create file links I found this helpful:

Knowledge Article Number: 838295
Steps to create a formula field which contains an hyperlink to a local file.

For creating a link to a network/local file, you may need a custom text file (to introduce the path) and a formula field. A URL field will always add "http://" prefix.  Please follow the steps below:

1. Create a text field (for example, with the following name: "Path")
(Setup | Customize | {Object} |Fields and click New in the Custom Fields & Relationships section of the page)
2. Create formula field with data type: Text (for example, with the following name: "File")  to link to that file:


You now have a link, called "View," for example, with which the file can be accessed directly from the object by right clicking and selecting "Save Target As."

You can also use this concept to point to network folders - create a formula field on the Account record which links to the network folder for that client, etc.
NOTE: For security purposes, Mozilla applications block links to local files (and directories) from remote files. This includes linking to files on your hard drive, on mapped network drives, and accessible via (UNC) paths. To have access to those files you need to install "Local Link" add-on in your Firefox:

Hope this helps you soujanya rachakonda 15 as it may be a few years late for Meenu. I think we will be going for theXfilesPro Appexchange option ourselves.

rishu rathorrishu rathor
You can try File ZIPO, a native appexchange application that integrates your Salesforce org with the most-popular external cloud storage platforms, viz. OneDrive, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox &
here's link -