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Webservice request and response

Hi All,
 Please let me know the steps what should be done for the below :
1) To send a Webservice Outbound call to another system.
2) Receive the response in XML Format
3) Parse the XML Response
4) Store the values in the system.
Amit Chaudhary 8Amit Chaudhary 8
I will recomment you to check trailhead to learn web service
1) https://developer.salesforce.com/trailhead/module/apex_integration_services?utm_campaign=trailhead&utm_source=sfdc&utm_medium=chatter-success

Apex Integration Overview
This module will Describe the differences between web service and HTTP callouts and Authorize an external site with remote site settings

Apex REST Callouts
This module will  describe about Perform a callout to receive data from an external service and Test callouts by using mock callouts 

Apex SOAP Callouts
This module will describe you about Generate Apex classes using WSDL2Apex and  Perform a callout to send data to an external service using SOAP with Test callouts by using mock callouts

Apex Web Services
This module will Describe the two types of Apex web services and provide a high-level overview of these services. Create an Apex REST class that contains methods for each HTTP method and Invoke a custom Apex REST method with an endpoint

almas mahfooz 3almas mahfooz 3
@Amit Chaudhary 8,
I have one webservice having method something like below
updateStatus(data AS WEObject) AS WSResponse

After importing wsdl.
when going through the code I found these two classes WSObject and WSResponse. Now I have to call the method updateStatus and need to pass the values to statusField and strIdField, how can I do this in C#?
Please share any code snippet.

public partial class WSObject {
        private string statusField;
        private string strIdField;
        /// <remarks/>
        public string status {
            get {
                return this.statusField;
            set {
                this.statusField = value;
        /// <remarks/>
        public string strId {
            get {
                return this.strIdField;
            set {
                this.strIdField = value;