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Liz Gibbons 16Liz Gibbons 16 

change set won't deploy


I am deploying a change set to production and it won't pass validation. I had no issue deploying to other sandboxes. Here are the errors: User-added image
varCaseID is definitely referenced in the flow. Any thoughts as to what might be causing the issue?
Liz, have you tried setting the flow variable to input and output instead of being private?
Liz Gibbons 16Liz Gibbons 16
Hi Terence, it is set as input and output. If it hadn't I think I would have encountered this issue when deploying it to my test sandbox.
Hi Liz, it's not safe to say that the flow is perfectly working by just saying that you were able to deploy it to other sandboxes. Deploying new items to production is diffrent because Test Classes are all executed. Anyway, one thing I would recommend is check your flow. Check if varCaseID is present in the PRODUCTION, make sure it is set to input and output, and last lastly, make sure the the active flow contains that variable. Good luck!