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Deleting Related Record using Apex Controller

Hi Everyone,

This may be my most pathetic post yet, but I can not seem to figure this out. I have used VS pages and Apex Controllers to create new records and update existing--- HOWEVER, deleting just has me stumped! 

What i would like to do is... 

Create a button called "Delete myself from Account Team" and put it on the Account Object. Upon clicking the button, i would like the system to loop thru all Account Team Members and delete the one that matches the current users's User Id. Does anyone have the code for this? 
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Ravi Dutt SharmaRavi Dutt Sharma
Hey Lauren,

Below code should work for you :
delete [SELECT Id FROM AccountTeamMember WHERE UserId =:Userinfo.getUserId()]

Put this in a method and call that method on your button click.