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Shawn ReichnerShawn Reichner 

Visualforce Page only displays White screen in Salesforce1


Hoping that someone can help us here!  I have a VF page that is to diplay the standard Salesforce calendar in Salesforce1. 

I have created the VF page(Marked it as mobile), a VF tab, and placed it in the navigation menu of Salesforce1.  I also must point out that this works just fine in our dev sandbox, and this issue of just displaying a white screen is only occuirng in our production instance. 

Here is the code for the VF page......does anyone have any suggestions?  I am very anxious to hear any as I scoured the web and could not find any leads, so I want to turn it over to the wonderful brilliant friends here.....

<apex:page showHeader="false" sidebar="false" >
<script type="text/javascript">
window.location = "https://ap1.salesforce.com/00U/c?isdtp=mn" </script> </apex:page>

Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions you may be able to provide,

You cannot hardcode the url like this.
As the instance like ap1,na22 these keep changing based on SFDC environment and geographic location.

For now, observe what's the instance of your production environment and replace "ap1" in https://ap1.salesforce.com/00U/c?isdtp=mn with that particular instance. It should solve your problem temporarily.
Shawn ReichnerShawn Reichner
Mohammed, Thank you for the tip, however I thought of that as well, and placed in the proper na27, however that still does not work and just the white screen displays. If you copy that URL in the code into a web browser, it auto goes to na27 and the calendar displays just fine, and also just like I mentioned in my post, the ap1. Works just fine in sandbox. So this one is a puzzler for sure.....any other suggestions would be very welcome! Shawn Shawn Reichner Platform Developer, Salesforce AVI-SPL P: 866-588-6857 C: 813-347-7952 E: shawn.reichner@avispl.com [cid:DF9C7887-25ED-4A17-A71B-FCFFD8A95F97][cid:67EA7632-C063-4EF9-BD78-F8920F55DC6D]
Just a random thought:
Object/Field level permissions are not copied from production to sandbox and vice-versa for user profiles.
If you have tweaked those permission sets in sandbox, you need to replicate those manually in production as well.

Maybe that could be the culprit.
Shawn ReichnerShawn Reichner
Mohammed, I will look into this, however we just refreshed our sandbox a few days before testing this solution in production. And with a refresh all user data and perms seem to definitely move over to sandbox so we should be mirrored, but a great suggestion. So far all perms seem to be the same between my profile which is an admin profile that has visibilty to everything in the org, and that is what is swaying me to think this is not profile or setting related. Thanks again for your replies, I sincerely appreciate it, any other thoughts? Shawn Shawn Reichner Platform Developer, Salesforce AVI-SPL P: 866-588-6857 C: 813-347-7952 E: shawn.reichner@avispl.com [cid:B7D35BF7-B40F-4576-9F03-BC26AE81F75D][cid:13264632-0231-4251-BA93-CC23FBE12405]
Shawn ReichnerShawn Reichner
Update - So what I have uncovered so far to maybe help anyone else in this same perdicament. Changing profiles does not make a difference it is a global issue that shows a white screen for production when the VF page is called from the VF Tab added to the Salesforce1 Nav menu.  It also works fine for many profiles in sandbox.  This sandbox was just refreshed so it has the same perms and settings as prod where it is not working.  

Here is another weird thing about this one....if I preview the VF page in Standard Salesforce, it will only display a white screen there as well, but if I deactivate the developer tools that show the VF page code so you can make changes on the fly....if I disable that, then immediately after doing so, the page laods the standard calendar as it should.  

So this lead me to think there may be some java thing happening when the dev tools are running and you attempt to render the page.  

Even after disabling the dev tools, on Salesforce1 the page still shows up as just a white screen, for many users and diff profiles. 

So just wanted to add some additional information in case it could help to maybe jog something in any of your smart brains to suggest any help on this issue!!!

Thanks again for eberyones time and hopefully there is someone that can help us!