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tayyala himabindu 3tayyala himabindu 3 

Can we use same user licence for multiple users in developer edition ?

Hi , 

Is it possible to use same user lincence for multiple users in developer edition. please confirm.

Verma, ManishVerma, Manish

Sure we can do. But there is a limit on the type of licence we can use for creating multiple users.

For ex. in my org. I have created 3 users with user licence of type 'Salesforce'. Now if I want to create more users with using same licence, it is not available in the picklist.

Let me know if you still are confused about it.

Hope this helps!!
Jason EngstromJason Engstrom

I am working on the Data Security Module (Controlling Access to Fields) and having trouble with getting two users activated under the 'Salesforce" type license. I have deactivated all users that I have created thus far except for myself (Admin) and have tried to activated the two users I need to complete this challenge. It allows me to activate one user, but when trying to activate the second user it says that I have exceeded my license type with other active users. However, there are only 2 active users at the time of getting this error.

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Jason EngstromJason Engstrom
Disregard above post. Figured out what I was doing wrong.