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Michael McWilliamsMichael McWilliams 

Can't find contact roles

This probably seems ridiculous....but I've just spent hours trying to complete a task to assign contact roles. Nowhere can find any such thing in my developer edition. I read the instructions...and they do not match what I'm seeing. Went to Help...read those instructions, same problem. 

Complete novice here...and this is beyond frustrating.

Any suggestions?
Verma, ManishVerma, Manish
Hi Michael,

Could you please share the task here, so that anyone seeing your question can answer it.

Michael McWilliamsMichael McWilliams
Thanks. Actually, setup is not even allowing me access to contact roles in accounts...
no contact roles on accounts available in setup

Here's the seemingly simple task...

Add Contact Roles for Accounts
  1. From Setup, enter Contact Roles on Accounts in the Quick Find box, then select Contact Roles on Accounts.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter the name and one or more new roles.
  4. Click Save.
You can edit the names of existing contact roles or delete existing contact roles in the same location. Any edits you make will be passed along to contacts that are currently assigned to that role. For example, if you decide that “Evaluator” isn’t specific enough, you can rename the role to “Product Evaluator”. All contacts were assigned to the “Evaluator” contact role on accounts will now have the “Product Evaluator” role

I'm baffled....

Miao ZhangMiao Zhang
Hi Michael,

Below is my two cents (however, be aware that I am also a newbie:) ): 

1. From Setup
(I actually clicked on the "Setup" , which is on the top right side, in between my name and "help")
Top Right Corner "Setup"

Then you enter your search terms, in your case, "Contact Roles" in the quick search bar, which looks like below:
Quick Search Bar

Then you will be directed to the section where you can input values. 

Hope this helps. Or can someone please share their tips? Thank you all!

Verma, ManishVerma, Manish
Hi Michael,

Got your question now. Thanks for explaining your task.
It seems that in the lightning experience 'Contact Roles on Accounts'  is not yet available.

But you can still achieve the same in the salesforce classic.

See the below two screenshots.

1) First you will have to migrate from Lightning experience to salesforce classic.

User-added image

2) Now select Setup and then enter in the Quick Find box 'Contact Roles on Accounts'.

User-added image


Let me know if this helps you.