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Jancy MaryJancy Mary 

Vf page for Dashboard.


I need help on creating a cumulative dashboard. My requirement was to create a Dashboard that shows the Record Count(y-axis) vs Account Name(x-axis), however I would like to set the Record Count as cumulative, and plot an additional line which is Target. Target is a Summary Formula on reports, this is a workaround to get Target line. 

If suppose I have 3 Accounts: Account1, Account2, Account3 and I have the Placements created for these Accounts as below:
Account1- 1 Placement Record
Account2- 1 Placement Record
Account3- 2 Placement Records

My dashboard shows the Data like this when I dont check Cumulative:When Cumulative is not checked

When I check the Cumulative, Record Count and the Target line both are Cumulated which is not the way I wanted.
User-added image

I want it to be the way below:
If this can be met through any standard functionality or through Visual Force page.

I had a discussion with Salesforce Technical support team and even they confirmed that we can not achieve this through standard functionality.

Any help or suggestion on this is much Appreciated.

Jancy Mary