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Chad MillerChad Miller 

Looking for a little guidance?

As a newby, I'm building a database to manage my real estate business. Looking for someone to review my work and provide guidance to prevent limitations down the road. 
Shikha AgashiShikha Agashi
I would be happy to help you out. You can reach me at shika.patel01@gmail.com
Ramesh KallooriRamesh Kalloori
Hi Chand,

Please go through my profile and contact details.


Skype: Ramesh.Kalloori

Amit Jain 5Amit Jain 5
You can reach me at amitmj@outlook.com or on linkedin @
Kevin DarkKevin Dark
Hi Chad,

I would be happy to take a look. Feel free to shoot me an email kevin.dark11@icloud.com
amit tariyal 5amit tariyal 5
mail me on amitsingh749@gmail.com. :) Happy to help
Steve Rogers 9Steve Rogers 9
Hi Chad, I represent Saxon Global which is a US based company have a team of more than 50 SFDC developers in-house, including 38 who are Salesforce.com certified. Our expert team focuses on Implementation, customization, development and integration services on SFDC, offering U.S. customers 24/7 support.
Our pricing is very flexible and economical when compared to the competitors in the market . We have the right expertise and experience on Salesforce.com  to meet your requirement, we have around 300 consultants across united states and can help you fulfilling any positions in-house at your locations.
We have extensive experience and  have done many  projects, I can walk you through what we did.
Please reach me at steve.r@saxonglobal.com (mailto:steve.r@saxonglobal.com) to discuss further.
I would like to understand more about your requirement and will be glad to schedule a quick phone call with you to discuss further.
Warm Regards,
Steven R,
Business Manager,
Saxon Global
Skype: stevewilson_km
Main: (972-363-1009 )  EXT : 138
Mobile : 408-687-4770
Suite # 660 1320 Greenway Drive,
Irving, TX 75038