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Liz Gibbons 16Liz Gibbons 16 

Flow designer error

I try to save a specific flow and receive the following error: "We're sorry, but a serious error occurred. Please don't close the Cloud Flow Designer window. Contact Salesforce Customer Support as soon as possible."

I tried submitting a case, considering the "Contact Salesforce Customer Support as soon as possible." and was told that because we don't have Premier Support to post here. Any thoughts? It only happens on one flow. The others save without issue.
Visual Flow has a built-in debugging tool. After dismissing the message, press control+shift+m (PC)  or command+shift+m (Mac) to bring up the debug window.Check "Error" and you will have more details for the error. Note:The tool also contains additional debugging features which are helpful when working with Visual Flow.
I'm having the exact same problem. Only one of my flows is getting an error, the flow in it's current state is working as intended, but it was last updated in 2016 and I have some update that I would really like to apply to make it current/more relevant.

I see that no actual answer was given back when the oringal post was provided, and the C-S+m doesn't work/do anything. so that was not a valid answer (at least not a valid answer today) please advise!