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Rob Waibel JrRob Waibel Jr 

Adding a new Account to Sales Force using WSDL

I have my WSDL loaded and am able to query the Account and Contact tables.  The next step required is Adding new accounts including Billing and Ship to addresses, as well as 1 to 3 contacts to an account.  I have been looking for examples but nothing works so far. 
so far I Create a new account object:
  dim Account as sForce.Account = New sForce.Account
I then populate the Account.
how do I "create" the Account in sales force?
I tried:
     Dim srAccount As sForce.SaveResult
     srAccount = ss.create(New sForce.sObject() {Account})
Any help would be appriciated.
I am using Visual Studios 2012, SF 36, VB.net.
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Rob Waibel JrRob Waibel Jr
I so figured this out!
dim sr as sForce.SaveResult
sr = SS.create(new sforce.account() {account])

works for contacts too!