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Change Set question

I have a huge change set which needs to be deployed from a Dev sandbox to a Test sandbox. After each testing there are inevitable changes which need to happen with the code, and therefore a new deployment to the Test sandbox. Since I don't want to re-build the change set every time I need to deploy, I would like to simply Clone the already made and deploy that new "version". 

If I have made changes in the components which were part of the change set before I cloned it will those changes carry over to the new clone "version" of the change set ? Or do I need to re-build that change set from scratch every time I need to deploy the changes to the components ?

Thank you.
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R Z KhanR Z Khan
Hi Zoom,

You can clone the existing change set. When you hit "Upload" it grabs the latest version of all the metadata that was included in the change set. You don't need to build it form scratch